Dozens Muslim Brotherhood Members Rounded up on Showing Solidarity with Israeli-Blockaded Gaza

Dozens Muslim Brotherhood Members Rounded up on Showing Solidarity with Israeli-Blockaded Gaza

Egyptian security services launched on Thursday dawn sweeps of arrests that included- until now- 14 Muslim Brotherhood members from Alexandria, 12 from Sharqiyah, 20 from Ismailia, 14 from Gharbiya.

      The detainees from Alexandria are:  Eng. Mohamed Ibrahim , Mahmoud Ahmed, an accountant- Bahari district  Eng. Hossam Al Kashef, Bahari district  Abu Zeid Mohamed, Al-Hadra district  Siraj Al-Gazzar,   Hisham Rashed, Al-Hadra district  Amin Youssef, Sidi Beshr district  Mohamed Othman, School principal – Wirdian district  Abbas Heikal, Raml District,    Engineer Farrag Abu Haroun, Raml District  Jalal
Nada, Bakous district,   Hisham Al-Qirsh, Al-Hadra District  Khaled Morsi, DeKhaila Dstrict  Ahmed Bakri, Muharram Bek district.  

   The security forces didn”t manage to arrest some Muslim Brotherhood members who were not in their houses when the raid occurred:  Mansour Al Sayed, Bahari District   Mohamed Maarouf, Muharram Bek district.     Detainees from Sharqiya Governorate :  Dr. Naji Saqr, the Muslim Brotherhood candidate for Shura Council elections 2007, Zagazig  Al-Sayyed Al-Arabi, school principal – Zagazig  Abdul Rahman Abdul
Latif , a headmaster – Zagazig  Sabri Abdul Maqsoud, mathematics teacher – Faqous district  Dr. Mohamed Hadioh, a chemist- Faqous district   Eng. Mahdi Khattab, an engineer- Faqous district  Dr. Yahya Gouda, a doctor – Menia El Kameh district  Eng. Essam Mekhaymer, an architect – Menia El Kameh district,   Ali Abd Al-Rahim , imam and preacher at Al Azhar Al Sharif – Menia El Kameh     Detainees of Ismailia Governorate include:  Dr. Hisham Al Souli, head of Muslim Brotherhood administrative office in Ismailia  Jamil Shaltout  Metwalli Ali Saleh  Ismail Mohamed Ismail, Fayed  Ismail Abu Stit,
Sarabiom  Abdul Salam Khuzeim, Abu Atwa  Eng. Solaiman Ibrahim, Qantarah  Mohamed Al Hadidi, Qantarah  Dr. Mahmoud Mansour, Abu Suwair  Abdullah Taha Wahdan, Abu Suwair  Medhat Salim, Al Wasfiya  Al Shafie Hussein Al Shafie, Al Mahasma  Solaiman Mohamed Mansour, Al Mahasma  Al -Lashi Mahmoud Al -Lashi  Dr. Samir Salama , Altel Al Kabir  Dr. Baligh Hamdi, Altel Al Kabir  Saeed Al-Omdah, Altel Al Kabi. 

    The detainees from Gharbiya Governorate include:  Abdul Maqsoud Hassanein, on pension,   Yasser Mutaweh, an agronomist  Ali Al Saeed, a teacher  Maher Hammad, a manager at the bakeries authority, he was previously detained against the background
of the latest municipal elections. 

 Maher Abdul Hafiz, an employee in Tanta court  Adel Al Anani, engineer – Tanta  Medhat Farouk Salama, a teacher – Zifta district  Khaled Amer, imam and preacher- Al Santa  Ibrahim Shebl Al Saadani, an employee – Al Santa  Mohamed Ata Ali ( Al Santa  Salah Al Atoumi      It is worth mentioning that the Muslim Brotherhood has staged nationwide marches and demonstration last Friday in solidarity with Gaza. Some of them were blocked by the security forces and faced security harrassments.