• March 16, 2014
  • 4 minutes read

Dozens of Children Tortured in Coup Detention Centers and Juvenile Jailhouses in Alexandria

Dozens of Children Tortured in Coup Detention Centers and Juvenile Jailhouses in Alexandria

In an urgent statement Sunday, Shehab Center for Human Rights (SCHR) said: "Now, a massacre is underway terrorizing dozens of child political prisoners inside the juvenile confinement building in Kom El-Deka (in the seaport city of Alexandria – Egypt).

"We have received a number of desperate calls for help from parents of children held as political detainees inside that juvenile "welfare home". Children are resisting security forces’ attempts to move them to a notoriously tough penal institution in Cairo, known for its regular use of torture, cruelty and abuse of children detained there."

SCHR added that: "The Juvenile Home’s security forces brought in a Central Security unit on Sunday morning, then held mass torture ‘parties’ severely beating children with sticks and batons, insulting and physically and verbally abusing and humiliating them.

"SCHR announces its full solidarity with the detained children, who are subjected to torture and abuse every day. SCHR further affirms that it will take all legal measures to defend these minors."


Security forces attack parents of detained children with poisonous gas canisters and birdshot, arresting a number of them

Ahmed Tolba, head of east Alexandria prosecution service, issued an order to transfer detained children to a hellish penal institution in Cairo. On Sunday morning, a number of lawyers met with Tolba to talk with him about the torture incident.
Then, lawyers made a formal plea requesting that children must not be moved to Cairo. However, the prosecutor rejected the request, saying that the parents are the ones who attacked troops and security forces guarding the Juvenile Care Home in Kom El-Deka.

Follow this link for a video showing the reaction of Alexandria youths to the torture of child detainees, blocking a road in protest: