Dozens of Jerusalem residents have iftar with the Jerusalem MPs

Dozens of Jerusalem residents have iftar with the Jerusalem MPs

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, Palestinian residents of Jerusalem express their support for their elected MPs, who are threatened with deportation by the Israeli occupation government, by visiting them at their sit-in tent at the Red Cross compound where the MPs have spent the past 43 days.

From the first hours of the first day of Ramadan on Wednesday,  there was a steady stream of individual visitors as well as delegations representing clans and parties to the protest tent to express support for the MPs and to congratulate them on the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan.

Despite the mid-day summer heat visitors continue to come to the tent to express their solidarity with the threatened MPs.

After Asr prayers [the prayer that falls between noon prayers and sunset] preparations for Iftar [breakfast] begin and as sunset approaches, dozens of Jerusalem residents converge on the protest tent to have Iftar with their leaders.

As the call for the Magrib prayer is made the MPs start having their breakfast with other Jerusalem residents who wanted to show solidarity with the MPs by having breakfast with them rather than have it in the comfort of their homes and with their own families.

Iftar is then followed by the Magrib prayers, then by Isha’ and then by Taraweeh which are voluntary night prayers.

The MPs expressed pleasure and pride at the support shown by all sectors of the Palestinian residents of Jerusalem and promised that they will fight their case and the case of occupied Jerusalem to the end.