Dozens of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails suffer skin diseases

Dozens of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails suffer skin diseases

 The International Tadamun foundation for human rights has revealed Thursday that dozens of Palestinian captives in the Israeli jail of Ashkilon suffer skin diseases due to the deliberate medical neglect on the part of the Israeli prison Authority.

The spread of the disease, the foundation said, worried the captives after the IPA transferred 17 Palestinian captives from different Israeli jails suffering skin diseases and put them in Ashkilon prison that made it easy for the disease to spread to other captives.

Ahmad Al-Bitwai, an official in the foundation, explained that the lack of a dermatologist in the prison’s clinic aggravated the situation, adding that five of the captives sent to the quarantine to avoid spreading of the disease to an uncontrollable level.

According to Bitwai, the spread of the disease made social relations and mingling among the captives very low for fear that disease might spread to the rest of the captives.

The foundation quoted captive Nasser Mohammed Naji, the spokesperson of the captives, as saying that the IPA rejected persistent calls from the captives to have a skin doctor in the clinic on the pretext of lack of funds.

Naji, who is serving life, made an urgent call to human rights organisations to send a dermatologist from outside the detention center to attend to and treat the affected the captives.

Around 8000 Palestinian captives are now in Israeli jails, many of them serving multiple life-imprisonment terms, while nearly 200 of them have died under torture and due to chronic diseases that they suffered in the jail.