Dr. Al-Aryan Sues Ministry of Interior on his Travel Prevention

Dr. Al-Aryan Sues Ministry of Interior on his Travel Prevention

Dr. Essam Al-Aryan (the Treasurer of the Medical Association in Cairo) has appealed against the Minister of Interior and the Manager of the Travel and Migration Department before the Court of Administrative Justice, as he requested, urgently, the non-implementation of the decision to prevent him from travelling.


He stressed his right to travel whenever he wants and demanded the remove of his name from the travel ban list and enabling him to travel to Sudan to attend the meeting of the Arab National Congress.


 On his case, Dr. Al-Aryan has explained how he gets many invitations to participate in conferences and Arab and international events both as a doctor and as a public figure interested in Arab affairs in general or specific public rights and freedoms, as he was explaining the pretext of his prevention due to high instructions.


 “The appealed decision has no justification in reality or in law, and there is no public interest in preventing the appellant of his right and freedom to move and travel outside Egypt, which is a constitutional right, enshrined in the Constitution. The appeal attributed the reason behind issuing this decision to be a political reason since the appellant is from the political opposition”.


Al-Aryan demanded compensation from whom he raised the lawsuit against due to the moral and material damages which affected him because of this prevention, in accordance to Article 163 of the Civil Law which provides that: “Each mistake causing damage obliges the offender to compensate”.