Dr. Beltagy: We Will Not Allow Presidential Election Fraud Nor Replication of Former Regime

Dr. Beltagy: We Will Not Allow Presidential Election Fraud Nor Replication of Former Regime

Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, member of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Executive Office, assured that any scenario to rig the presidential election is doomed to failure.

He said that there is a huge marketing and promotion media campaign advertising Mr. Shafiq that does not reflect any real support for him on the ground.

According to Dr. Beltagy, this is cause for concern, especially since the electoral commission mysteriously accepted Mr. Shafiq’s appeal after the deadline for all appeals and in blatant violation of the law passed by Parliament and ratified by the ruling military council.

He further revealed that there are opinion polls, “apparently conducted on Mars”, in which Mr. Shafiq is reported to be the presidential race front-runner.

Meanwhile, there is credible information confirming that groups of former regime businessmen, as well as various members and officials of the dissolved National Party, are getting very active yet again, starting old tactics and arrangements in support of Mr. Shafiq.

Furthermore, Dr. Beltagy revealed that meetings are taking place at the Police Hospital, supervised by the former head of the infamous (now disbanded) State Security, in support of Mr. Shafiq.

Currently, there are public fears, the FJP leader went on, about the possibility of the existence of names of military and police personnel on electorate register rolls, indicating a strong possibility of those casting votes for Mr. Shafiq, again in blatant violation of the law.

"We are absolutely certain of the impossibility of Mr. Shafiq winning the forthcoming presidential elections, except through massive fraud. That would need to be preceded by fabricated security or military crises, contrived but dramatic. Those would be employed in deceiving the electorate.

"We will never accept such antics and maneuvers. And such fraud will not come to pass. The return of Shafiq will only be tantamount to a declaration of failure of the revolution and a full re-production of the Mubarak regime with all its corruption, persecution and tyranny."