Dr. El-Sergani Speaking to the Youth Guard the Revolution and Protect Stability

Dr. El-Sergani Speaking to the Youth Guard the Revolution and Protect Stability

The Islamist leader, Dr. Ragheb el-Sergani, asked the youth to guard the revolution as it represents the rebirth of the Egyptian nation. He stressed that January 25th was a great opportunity for Egypt to lead the Arab nation and the Muslim world once again. El-Sergani, in a public meeting yesterday evening, interacting with the people of the city of Abu Kabir in Sharkeyya governorate, said that the fruits of the Egyptian revolution will spill over to the whole world. He explained that the perspective of forecasting the impact of the Egyptian revolution had been endorsed by numerous analysts.

He added that the revolution would never have occurred without the blessings of Allah Almighty who rewarded the people of Egypt for their honorable struggle. He asserted that this achievement must be preserved and guarded, saying: "We pray to Allah to give us the ability to fulfill this mission and grant us His bounty and blessing."

Dr. el-Sergani said that we should greet the coming days with optimism and a commitment to actively engage, work hard and improve our performance. He asked the audience to work for improving their relationship with Allah, because there is temptation now more than ever before, and because temptation at the time of suffering is much greater in intensity and more hazardous in outcome than temptation at the time of grace and ease.

He said that all Islamist currents and movements in Egypt could integrate their works and complement each other.

Dr. el-Sergani stressed that Egypt is a special case and cannot be anything like Algeria or Afghanistan, as this is very unlikely to happen. He said that "the circumstances are different and the settings are different, and also due to the fact that the people in these nations have different characters and features from the Egyptians."

In the meeting, El-Sergani said that "Egypt is now awaiting a very promising future, as this the country is very rich though the former regime and its cronies were stealing and looting the wealth of this country", pointing out that Egypt occupies the 25th rank on the global level regarding income, and the second largest economy among the Arab countries immediately after Saudi Arabia.

El-Sergani said that if Egypt invested in specialized people with high caliber and proficiency, in addition to appropriate use of resources and fighting against corruption, we will see great results.

He also talked to the young people about the need to act positively wherever they are, each in his place. He also stressed the need to maintain the stability of the country in the coming period, as well as to learn how to make a good choice, especially when they elect their representatives in the parliament and in the election of President of the Republic.