• MB News
  • May 16, 2007
  • 1 minute read

Dr. Essam El Erian Baned From Travel To Attend Conference

The Egyptian authorities have prevented Dr. Essam Al- Arian, an influential member and leader in the Muslim Brotherhood group, from traveling to “ Oslo ” on Tuesday May 15, 2007 to attend a conference on dialogue among civiliazations, without giving any clear reasons for such act.  
Dr. Essam Al- Arian stated to Ikhwanonline that he had the invitation to attend the forum, and expressed his concern to be denied his constitutional right to freely travel without restrictions. 

Mr. Mohamed Abd El-Quddus, a journalist who was with Dr. Essam Al- Arian, he said that he [Dr. Essam Al- Arian] went to Cairo airport on Tuesday morning to catch Air France plane to Oslo to attend a forum about the dialogue between different cultures. El Erian was stopped by airport security, then was told that he was not allowed to travel anywhere.