• MB News
  • July 15, 2011
  • 2 minutes read

Dr.Essam El-Erian Meets With Delegation From Japanese Embassy

Dr.Essam El-Erian Meets With Delegation From Japanese  Embassy

Dr. Essam el Erian, Vice Chairman of Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) received on Thursday, July 14 delegation from the Japanese embassy, included Takashi Kokubo Chairman of the Political Section, and Takahero Kako, Third Secretary.

El Erian stated that the FJP will not seek the majority of seats in the upcoming parliamentary elections, which he considered crucial at this time of  Egypt’s transitional history.

He stated that the nearly 1000 martyrs who were killed during the revolution and the estimated 3000 who were injured, didn’t have enough government attention to their suffering, therefore there is common feeling of anger among people not only in Tahrir square but all over Egypt. “The amount of corruption revealed was enormous “he said, then added that what frustrates the people even more is the slow pace of trials against the former regime officials and killers of protestors.

Regarding the communication between the FJP and the SCAF, el Erian said that not only the FJP contacts the SCAF, but also the other parties and movements are in with contact them, and added that they presented their vision about the coming parliament elections.

On the relation between the FJP and the Muslim Brotherhood, el Erian stressed that the party is independent from the movement but there is coordination between both because the decision of founding the party came out of the movement.

El Erian added that FJP wants a free and powerful economy that doesn’t survive on loans and aid.  He appealed to the Japanse officials to coordinate with their government to encourage tourists to visit Egypt in order to boost the Egyptian economy.