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  • January 1, 2009
  • 5 minutes read

Dr. Habib: Disappointment In Regimes And Hopes In People

Dr. Habib: Disappointment In Regimes And Hopes In People

Muslim Brotherhood Deputy Chairman Mohamed Habib assured that hopes are in people to stop the Zionist aggression against our people in Gaza after the shameful and conspirator stand of the Arab regimes to the Zionist massacre.

Dr. Habib added, in an interview with the Alam Satellite Channel Tuesday that Arab nations have to give a wider space to demonstrations, condemnation and denunciation in order to be able to pressurise on regimes to get them to play their role against this brutal massacre.

He stressed the need to increase the crowds in the demonstrations to push the operating systems to move and to count for people’s power and open Rafah Crossing border once and for all and allow relief conveys to enter the sector and respond to public demands.

He pointed out to the importance of the popular movements which make Palestinians in Gaza feel that there are those who feel their pain, support and inspire them to firm and strengthen their resistance in the face of the Zionist military which would be a key element in resolving the crisis. Habib added that freedom and dignity are not gifted nor offered, but it must be extracted with giving, sacrificing and redemption.

Dr. Habib also stressed the necessity of Arab peoples to have full awareness that Palestinian people are not only defending their sanctities and country, but they are also defending the dignity and honor of the nation.

Their resistance against the Zionist plan, which aims at forcing the nation to kneel, divide its territory, loot its wealth and erase its cultural identity, is the first defense line.


“The Zionist entity, through its aggression on Gaza, is trying to improve its reputation after the gross failure in Lebanon 2006, as well as getting closer to the parliamentary elections but before everything it aims at breaking the will and determination of the Palestinian people and undermining their resistance” said Dr. Habib, stressing that all these attempts will fail in front of the stability, patience and steadfastness of Palestine.


He excluded the idea that Arab diplomacy movements (meetings of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs or the Arab summit) would lead to any result, describing it as attempts to delay and Procrastinating.