• October 18, 2006
  • 3 minutes read

Dr. Hayawan Arrested While Seeing Patients In His Clinic

Dr. Hayawan Arrested While Seeing Patients In His Clinic

In an unjustified and aggravating step against the Muslim Brotherhood, a State Security police force arrested again the prominent leader in the Muslim Brotherhood, Dr. Hassan el-Hayawan in Sharqiya Governorate on Tuesday evening 17/10/2006, from his clinic in Fakous, Sharqiya Governorate, less than a month after releasing him from an illegal ten-month detention.

The State Security Police raided Dr. Hayawan’s clinic at 11.00 PM yesterday evening and took him in front of his patients to an undisclosed location claiming that they have an arrest warrant against him.

For his part, Dr. Farid Ismail, the People’s Assembly member for Sharqiya (Muslim Brotherhood) said in a statement to Ikhwanweb that “what happens in Egypt is a farce by all measures, Dr. Hassan el- Hayawan is a well-known university professor and has a social position; however, he has been arrested and charged of bullying and more than one ruling to release him was issued, but the Interior Ministry ignored this and when it released him, he was snatched again after less than a month from his release.
Ismail confirmed that these actions confirm that we live in an age of darkness, ignorance and emergency rule that dominates the Egyptian society. We will table a written question around this incident and we will exercise all legal procedures to stop such farces, Ismail said.

The State Security Police had released Dr Hassan on Friday afternoon 22/9/2006 AD, and rearrested him again; Dr. Hassan el- Hayawan was held in Torah farm prison in incommunicado detention since he was arrested on 16/12/2005 AD to 18/2/2006 AD; the prosecution decided to refer him to the Supreme State Security Criminal Court in an unprecedented incident in dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood group members, and he was accompanied in this case by two others including a member of the National Party in Sharqiya Governorate .

The charges included a possession of weapons, and the court acquitted him on 14/6/2006 AD; then, he was arrested on 15/6/2006 AD, and his detention was automatically extended to Friday 22/9/ 2006.

Doctor Hassan el- Hayawan, 47, is a pulmonary (lung) medicine professor at the Zagazig Faculty of Medicine, a charter member of Freedoms Committee of Sharkeya  Physicians’ Syndicate, and a prominent MB figure with an extensive syndicative and political record.