Dr. Heshmat: We Extend Our Hands of Dialogue and Cooperation to All

Dr. Heshmat: We Extend Our Hands of Dialogue and Cooperation to All

Dr. Mohamed Jamal Heshmat, Deputy of the People’s Assembly Committee on Foreign Relations, said claims that Islamists are monopolizing the Constituent Assembly, entrusted with writing Egypt’s new charter, are completely baseless.

Many prominent personalities were nominated in agreement with other parties within parliament, such as: Dr. Atef Al-Banna, Dr. Nasr Farid Wassel, Dr. Mo’taz Billah Abdel-Fattah, Abdul Ghaffar Shukr, Ahmed Sayed Naggar, Dr. Ahmed Harara, Dr. Mona Makram Ebeid, Farouk Jweideh, Justice Hossam Ghariani, Dr. Ashraf Abdel Ghafour, Rafiq Samuel, Ayman Ali, Ahmed Al-Marakbi, Gamal Nawara, Mohamed Abdel Gawad Mahmoud, Sameh Ashour, and numerous other nationally-recognized public figures.

On private Egyptian TV channel “Misr 25”, Dr. Heshmat said that all claims and allegations, charges and accusations are made at random; and that every time they will be effectively refuted and rejected.

He added, "The Freedom and Justice party members, from both the People’s Assembly and the Shura Council, elected into the Constituent Assembly, as they are the majority in parliament. How is ignoring the parliamentary majority, which is clearly favored by the Egyptian people, suddenly acceptable?"

Heshmat went on, "Sadly, certain ‘hands’ are trying to paint the popular parliamentary majority in the image of the dissolved tyrant National Party, so they would appear to be the only opposition that stands in front of this new ‘tyrant’. The difference couldn’t have been greater or clearer: we know how the defunct National Party came to power. Also, we know fully well that the current majority has come into parliament by the will and the trust of the Egyptian people".

In conclusion, Heshmat said, "We extend our hands of cooperation to all. We put forward non-FJP personalities from within and outside parliament, in pursuit of the best harmonic, consensus format that would honor the Constitution of the revolution".