Dr. Katatni: People’s Assembly Stresses Appreciation, Respect for ElBaradei

Dr. Katatni: People’s Assembly Stresses Appreciation, Respect for ElBaradei

Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni, Speaker of the Egyptian People’s Assembly (PA), asserted that the Egyptian PA respects and values Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei.

Earlier, a number of deputies had lodged a formal complaint to the Speaker of the parliament against MP Mustafa Bakri demanding that he should be referred to the Ethics Committee after accusations – according to their complaint – that Bakri described Dr. ElBaradei of being a traitor who betrayed his own people and homeland. Meanwhile, Bakri insisted that he did not describe ElBaradei in those terms, but quite simply expressed his political opinion that Dr. ElBaradei motivates American agents. Bakri emphasized that he had in his possession documents that prove the truth of the statements he made.

Dr. Katatni, in parliamentary comments, said: "We processed the complaint against MP Mustafa Bakri according to PA rules and regulations; we sought the opinions of the MPs and MP Bakri’s response to them regarding accusations he made against Dr. ElBaradei. The PA shall not accept anyone describing Dr. ElBaradei in any improper or disrespectful manner".

The Egyptian Parliament Speaker added that Dr. ElBaradei is a distinguished Egyptian citizen of stature, ability and vision, the winner of the ‘Necklace of the Nile’ award, adding “the PA holds the greatest respect and highest esteem for Dr. ElBaradei.

However, at this time, we discuss the problem based on the lodged complaint and respond according to PA rules".

Furthermore, in the session where Mustafa Bakri mentioned his accusations regarding Dr. ElBaradei, Dr. Katatni ordered him off the bench, objecting: "I cannot allow this".

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