• March 3, 2012

Dr. Katatni Heads First Parliamentary Meeting on New Constitution

Dr. Katatni Heads First Parliamentary Meeting on New Constitution

Egyptian Parliament’s two (upper and lower) Houses  are to hold their first joint meeting in the presence of members of both Houses, Saturday, in the Conference Center, in Nasr City (Cairo) to discuss rules for electing Constituent Assembly (CA) members who will draft a new constitution for the country, and which is to comprise one hundred members.

The joint meeting is to be chaired by Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni, Speaker of the People’s Assembly (PA), who will address an introductory speech to the members of the PA and Shura Council. Then, a number of representatives of the parliamentary bodies will begin to put forward their vision in the work program. Then, Dr. Katatni will announce that he has received a proposal from a number of MPs to form a joint committee from members of both Houses to study the controls and criteria for selecting CA members, for this joint committee shall meet and consider suggestions and develop a basic vision to be debated and voted on in a later meeting to decide CA member ratios – from the two Houses and others – as well as methods and procedures for selecting members from outside the two houses.

The Freedom and Justice party submitted a bill on its vision of a draft law for the CA that will draw up a new Constitution.

The draft of the CA is to include a proposal that the two Houses of Parliament would be represented in the CA by 40 members, with 30 members to be selected from public figures, and 30 more members from various Egyptian bodies, institutions, unions etc.