Dr. Mohamed Ali Bishr, Life Full of Achievements

Today, “government forces” in Egypt arrested another group of outstanding citizens whose their only crime is belonging to a peaceful organization which is seeking reform and to put an end to government corruption.

Dr. Mohamed Ali Bishr with a life full of achievements has been thrown behind bars to join hundreds others of MB members who are paying the price of their love to their country and their steadfastness facing forces of darkness that are willing to crush anyone who dares to oppose their tyranny.


None of Dr. Bishr credentials as a respected university professor, scientist, former Member of Parliament, law abiding citizen and community leader; has been able to save him from the able hands of an oppressive regime.

Biography of Dr. Mohamed Ali Bishr
-Born in 1951 in Kafr Mansha-Qiwisna- Menoufiya governorate, Egypt

-Assistant professor at Faculty of Engineering, Menoufiya University

-Member of the Muslim Brotherhood Executive Bureau
-Graduated in 1974 with “Excellent” grade from Faculty of Engineering (formerly the Higher Industrial Institute)- Menoufiya University, where be became a faculty member in the same year.
-Between 1974 to 1976 he was drafted to the Army where he served as an officer in the Air Defense Corps

-In 1979, he obtained MS degree in Power Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering in Shebeen Al Koum-Menufiya University and was appointed assistant professor in the same faculty

-In 1984, he obtained his PhD degree from the State University of Colorado, USA, and was appointed professor in the Faculty of Engineering upon his return to Egypt
-In 1998, he was appointed visiting professor at the State University of North Carolina, U.S.

-He joined the Muslim Brotherhood in 1979, where he headed its “Students Affairs Committee” then the “Professionals Committee” and the “Administrative Development Committee
Detentions and Jail time
Dr. Bishr was arrested in 1999 as part of what was known as “the Trade Unionists case” and was court-martialed along with 20 other Trade Unionists. He was charged of belonging to The Muslim Brotherhood and of preparing for the Trade Unions elections and was sentenced for three years and released in 2002
Syndicated and Public Life
-In 1987 he was elected to Parliament after winning in disputed elections in Menoufiyya first district. The Court declared him a winner  but the government declined to uphold the rulling

-He ran again as a candidate in the parliamentary elections in 1995 where he lost in the second round to the rulling party candidate after results were fixed by government.

-In 1985, he was elected to the board of the Engineers Syndicate where he was the Assistant Treasurer 1991-1995, till it was shut down by the authorities in 1995.

-1989-1997, he was elected Secretary General of the Union of Engineering Associations which represents several Islamic Countries
Traveling and Scientific activities
-He traveled to many countries on scientific missions and representing Egypt’s engineers in International conferences among them,
1989. Conference on Technological Integration Among Muslim Countries in Cairo
1991,Technological Development in the Islamic world -Malaysia.
1993, Best Exploitation of Natural Resources in the Muslim World in Pakistan
1994, Good Quality of Engineering Education and The Future in Cairo
1995, Systems of Communication and Information in the Muslim countries in Jordan
2003, Technological Gap Between The Developing And The Developed Countries inTunisa

Family Life
-Married and has two sons and a daughter
Hani: graduated from Faculty of Law- Cairo University- He is completing his postgraduate studies in UK
Ahmed: MS degree in Engineering and Construction
Sara: A Secondary school student.

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