Dr. Mohamed Morsi’s Campaign Launches Website for the Presidential Candidate

Dr. Mohamed Morsi’s Campaign Launches Website for the Presidential Candidate

The election campaign of Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the candidate of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) and the Muslim Brotherhood for the presidential elections, announced the launch of an official website for the candidate to be a window to official news of his campaign.

For his part, Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Aati, general coordinator of Dr. Morsi’s campaign, said that launching the site comes within the framework of bolstering media communication between the candidate and his campaign and between the media.

"The website will also be used for advertising media interviews and public events organized by the campaign, in which Dr. Morsi participates. It should also facilitate direct contact with the public to explain the electoral program and Nahda (Renaissance) Project.

"We aim to communicate with the public directly through all the means available: face to face meetings in freedom squares all over the country, election rallies and conferences, through print and broadcast media, and now through this brand new website."

Dr. Abdel-Aati added that, "We are confident that the website will serve to clarify the official position of the candidate in all the issues and developments on the arena, as well as explain and detail Nahda Project for all sectors of society directly.

"In our electoral campaign, we rely on direct persuasion through a powerful project with clear features and specific points and components, a project we have already started to implement on the ground."

Website URL: http://www.elnahdah.com/