Dr. Morsi, in Kafr El-Sheikh: Egypt Will Never Again Become a Den of Corrupt Cronies

Dr. Morsi, in Kafr El-Sheikh: Egypt Will Never Again Become a Den of Corrupt Cronies

In Egypt’s Kafr el-Sheikh province, tens of thousands of people cordially received the presidential candidate Dr. Mohamed Morsi, forming 15-Kilometer long human chains, extending from the entrance into the province until Kafr El-Sheikh Sports Stadium.

On Monday evening, Dr. Mohamed Morsi’s elections campaign held a mass rally in Kafr El-Sheikh Sports Stadium. Attendees included Dr. Safwat Hegazy, Council of Trustees of the Revolution Secretary-General and member of the Islamic Legitimate Body of Rights and Reformation (ILBRR); and Dr. Ragheb El-Sirgany, member of the teaching staff in Qasr El-Ainy School of Medicine and member of the ILBRR; and Captain Mohamed Amer.

A large number of popular and partisan leadership figures and prominent personalities of the province, along with tens of thousands of people of the governorate also attended Dr. Morsi’s mass Rally.

In his speech at the rally, Dr. Mohamed Morsi stressed that Egypt will progress only when all people unite and close ranks – farmers and experts, workers and students, adding that the people of Kafr El-Sheikh are ready to implement Nahda project.

He said his electoral platform is a very real and significant project that invests in the homeland’s resources, in order to achieve cohesion and harmony among the people of the one nation, affirming that the people will no longer endure injustice or aggression from anyone whomsoever.

He asserted that Egypt will never again be a den of corrupt regime chums and cronies, adding that: “We will live free in our homeland, and we will have full sovereignty on our land. The era of corruption is over and will never return”.

Dr. Morsi also stressed that Nahda Project aims for overall development, and that its primary goal is to restore safety and stability to Egypt, one of the Revolution’s demands. He affirmed that all men and women of Egypt will take part in Nahda Project and its implementation on the ground.

Kafr El-Sheikh covers an area of ??4,000 km. It boasts 100 km of beautiful beaches, and comprises 10 cities, 44 villages and 1600 hamlets. It has major gas fields, and huge farms. About 40% of Egyptian rice is grown in Kafr El-Sheikh, which also provides 35% of Egyptian fishery products.

Dr. Morsi affirmed that Nahda Project will seek to develop Kafr El-Sheikh resources. He promised the return of long-staple cotton cultivation and the textile and weaving industries.

He further vowed effective industrial development for the whole Delta of Egypt, to solve problems between the people and the petroleum company and create jobs for 28,000 graduates. He added that the problems of rice mills will also be resolved soon.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s presidential candidate stressed that the land of private residential project ‘Madinti’ was bought for an under-market price, with bribes paid out to facilitate sale.

He added that 35,000 families purchased apartments in Madinti, and that their rights are guaranteed. He also said that only 17% have built homes on the land, emphasizing respect for the judiciary, but affirming that remaining land is owned by all Egyptians who will not allow it to be robbed by those who looted the country.

A number of distinguished guests and leaders of the province delivered speeches or statements in Dr. Morsi’s mass rally in Kafr El-Sheikh.

In conclusion, Dr. Morsi said that God blesses these many thousands of Kafr El-Sheik province who attended the mass rally, and who have been almost completely ignored by official Egyptian media for their own reasons. He finally emphasized that the road for revival and real renaissance runs through solidarity and cooperation, sharing the Nahda vision for the future of Egypt with an Islamic reference.