• November 4, 2011
  • 3 minutes read

Dr. Morsi: “Freedom and Justice” Newspaper Is for All Egyptians

Dr. Morsi: “Freedom and Justice” Newspaper Is for All Egyptians

The first issue of the newspaper "Freedom and Justice" rolled out on Friday. The paper’s Chairman is Dr. Mohamed Morsi (Chairman of the FJP), its editor-in-chief is Adel Al Ansari. Read More

In the editorial of the newspaper, Dr. Mohamed Morsi hailed the martyrs and victims of the January 25 Revolution as well as all those who opposed the previous regime, resisted falsehood and tyranny, and too often suffered injustice and imprisonment under the former regime.

Dr. Mohamed Morsi mentioned that the Freedom and Justice Newspaper (FJN) is an embodiment of a new reality which is now being realised in Egypt after the people took action and gained their freedoms on bases of freedom and justice.

The FJP party chief said: "We decided that the FJN will be a daily for all the people – all Egyptians, not simply the party’s newspaper; a journal that brings all together, not one for strife and discord and sedition.

He added: "We liked the idea that the Freedom and Justice daily should have a share of its name. That is: it should reflect a world of freedom, with an atmosphere of equality and justice, and produce objective, fair reporting, recognising the reader’s right to know the whole truth.

Meanwhile, the renowned scholar Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi, head of the International Union for Muslim Scholars, in an article on the last page titled "Freedom and Justice, the Voice of Truth" said: "The first daily newspaper for the Muslim Brotherhood was launched on May 5, 1946AD. In that, the founder and first chairman, the Martyr Imam Hassan Al-Banna wrote the editorial entitled ‘The Dawn Break’."

With reference to the FJN, Dr. Qaradawi said: "Our newspaper is open to members of our party and all others, and welcomes all honourable, free-thinking writers who write wisely and choose what to write wisely."