Dr. Morsi: 20 Billion Pounds for the Reconstruction of Sinai over 5 Years

Dr. Morsi: 20 Billion Pounds for the Reconstruction of Sinai over 5 Years
In a popular conference in Beer Al-Abd, North Sinai, on 25 April 2012, Dr. Morsi said: “Today, the anniversary of the liberation of Sinai, we pay tribute to the martyrs who died in 1979 and 1973 wars, just as we pray for the martyrs of the January 25 revolution – which  included two martyrs from the Sinai.

Dr. Morsi added that Sinai is a blessed land, adding that by virtue of his profession, he contributed in the project of El-Salam Canal which was very costly. The project was then destroyed by the former government.

Further, Dr. Morsi pointed out that the enemies of Egypt were trying hard to keep the Sinai unpopulated and unused, “For that reason we dedicated 20 billion pounds for the development of the Sinai and the university, adding more colleges – during the coming 5 years.

Dr. Morsi assured the people of the Sinai that there will be no turning back, “We will not forget Sinai anymore, for the general good of all Egypt.

“We realize the importance of water and minerals of Sinai, and will work on the development of all fields here. This will also mean that Egypt’s national security will be safeguarded against any aggression.”

Furthermore, Dr. Morsi added: “I see the love of the land, and a sense of belonging, in the faces of people here. The revolution will continue and we will never accept having our rights usurped by anyone, for injustice never to prevail – ever again”.

Dr. Morsi explained that, “The revolution was launched for the Egyptian citizen’s freedom and dignity. We will not accept stopping short of achieving the goals of our revolution.

“We will no longer accept threats from anyone. The great Egypt, with its honorable history, its present and its future, will not accept humiliation again, especially after regaining our strong resolve and unwavering determination.”