Dr. Morsi: Egyptian Revolution Will Continue Until Former Regime Officials Banned

Dr. Morsi: Egyptian Revolution Will Continue Until Former Regime Officials Banned

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), said that law on political rights (disenfranchisement law) will be issued by the will of the people because they are determined to complete the objectives of their revolution.

Earlier, on Thursday, the Egyptian parliament voted its final approval of a law reform on political rights, stripping former regime top officials of all political rights, including running for president, for ten years, after a number of proposals were submitted by many MPs.

In a telephone interview with satellite TV channel “Al-Jazeera Mubashir Misr (Egypt – Live)”, Dr. Morsi said: "The Muslim Brotherhood is ready to turn out to freedom squares whenever necessary, without disrupting production", warning of the return of Mubarak-era officials back to power and the political landscape.

Dr. Morsi asserted that the revolutionary scene warns off anyone trying to disrupt the march towards the goals of the revolution, which will continue with resolve until it achieves all its objectives.

On the timing of the Muslim Brotherhood’s demonstration, Dr. Morsi said that the Brotherhood organized a million-man march on December 18, 2011 in a mass protest against the so-called Selmi Document through which the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces wanted to introduce into the Constitution some articles to hamper the revolution.

"Before the parliamentary elections, the Muslim Brotherhood turned out to Tahrir Square in protest, to reject that document, and it was rejected."

Dr. Morsi added, "The Muslim Brotherhood’s refusal to join demonstrations before that was due to a different interpretation of the situation; but it certainly did not object to or criticize others going out to demonstrate".

The FJP Chairman explained that the Egyptian parliament approved enactment of the ban that sidelines old regime holdovers so they would not return to the political scene again.

He affirmed that Mubarak regime chums and cronies’ nomination endorsements were used in an attempt to feel the pulse of the Egyptian street, but the Egyptian people have thus revolted in celebration of democracy in Tahrir Square and across all Egyptian squares to express their will and to declare the continuation of their revolution.

Dr. Morsi said that national parties, groups and powers have united to achieve the goals of the revolution, and that it is expected for revolutionary activities to continue in order to prevent any act or deed of forgery or fraud, or any hindrance of the revolution, which removed the old system’s head.