Dr. Morsi: New Constitution to Safeguard Freedoms, Rights

Dr. Morsi: New Constitution to Safeguard Freedoms, Rights

 Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), on Saturday evening, received Roman Petrov, the Bulgarian Ambassador to Egypt, at the FJP’s headquarters in Cairo.

Dr. Morsi welcomed the Bulgarian ambassador, expressing the hope that these meetings contribute to a deeper acquaintance and increase cooperation between the two countries.

Dr. Morsi reviewed with the Bulgarian ambassador features of the Egyptian political scene during the transition phase and the formation of the Constituent Assembly that will draft the permanent constitution of Egypt.He underscored the need for the constituent assembly to be representative of all segments of the Egyptian people and political and ideological leanings.He added that the upcoming constitution will express the overall identity of Egypt and a broad national consensus, that it will also maintain personal and public freedoms, will preserve the independence of and balance between the three authorities, and establish a national, constitutional, democratic, modern State.

With respect to the FJP’s position towards the recent government statement, Dr. Morsi reiterated the party’s rejection to Ganzouri’s report, which revealed the government’s inability to meet the demands of the country’s critical current phase.He pointed out that the government did not submit even one bill for a draft law, so far. He added that the statement was totally rejected by all the committees of the Egyptian People’s Assembly.

For his part, the Bulgarian ambassador congratulated the FJP on the results achieved by the party in the parliamentary elections, stressing the importance of deeper relations between the two countries. He also expressed hope that Egypt would pass the current phase of democratic transformation successfully.