Dr. Morsi: New Parliament Formation Will Be All-Inclusive

Dr. Morsi: New Parliament Formation Will Be All-Inclusive

 Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), hailed the new Egyptian parliament as a real achievement for the peaceful revolution of January 25.

In an international press conference to announce Parliament leadership nominations at FJP headquarters, Monday (16 January 2012), attended by representatives from a number of political parties, Morsi stated: "We continue the march of the peaceful revolution, the Egyptian revolution of January 25, which has achieved some of its objectives and as yet continues to achieve remaining ones. There is no doubt that the parliamentary election results were expressive of all Egyptians and their free will, the new parliament, too."

He added: "The upcoming Parliament is a real achievement for this revolution and its martyrs, who live on in all our hearts, their blood – our responsibility, their right to fair retribution and speedy trials, and for the Victims of the Revolution, who must get their full rights."

He continued: "The Egyptian proverbial house will be put in order, in time, especially the Constituent Assembly of the Egyptian Constitution, which should be reflective of the desire, the choice and the will of all the Egyptian people."

Dr. Morsi stressed that the Egyptian Constitution will be drafted without exemption of any stakeholders or exclusion of any parties, forces or currents.

He re-affirmed that: "Today, we have agreed that this parliament will boast an internal structure that will certainly reflect the will of the Egyptian people. We have agreed to translate the clear will of the people in the composition of Parliament without exempting anyone or excluding any party."

He also stressed that there was definite consensus on forming the structure of parliament so it shall perform its regulatory and legislative duty and role in the best possible manner that will achieve what the Egyptian public wants.