Dr. Morsi: Sinai is Priority in Nahda (Renaissance) Project

Dr. Morsi: Sinai is Priority in Nahda (Renaissance) Project

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Freedom and Justice Party for presidential elections, said that the Nahda (or renaissance) Project, which he is adopting in his electoral campaign as an election platform, consists of four axes, one of which is wholly devoted to development and reconstruction of the Sinai peninsula.

In his speech, in a huge popular conference, Wednesday, in El-Arish city, Dr. Morsi said that Egyptians are fully aware of what they want and will draw and follow their path with precision during the next two months. He pointed that 14 months have already elapsed since the revolution was launched.

Dr. Morsi further pointed that the former regime corrupted and destroyed the country, thinking that it will not be held accountable.

“But power has been removed from the unscrupulous repressive tyrants, and handed to the people to speak out at last, for their will to prevail and so as they work on the development of their lands once again.”

Dr. Morsi stressed that Nahda Project is devoted to the nation, for all the people to join-in and partake in its implementation, so that Egypt would be rebuilt and revitalized by the hands of its own men and women.

Assuring that the Sinai has to itself one of Nahda Project’s four major axes, the presidential contender pointed that the peninsula is the hope of Egypt’s new economy, adding that his top priority is bringing back El-Salam Canal waters to El-Arish.

Moreover, Dr. Morsi stressed that Nahda Project aims at rejuvenation and reconstruction of the Sinai, both in terms of human resources and the region’s infrastructure, in cooperation with the Nile Delta region.

He asserted, “We are fully aware that Egypt’s national security begins from the eastern borders”, adding that Rafah crossing must remain open “in order to provide aid to our besieged people in Gaza”.

Furthermore, Dr. Morsi stressed that he is aware that Bedouin Arabs will never betray their country, pointing out that the formal regime committed the most atrocious crimes against the people of Sinai, and used to spread rumors accusing them of terrorism.

He further added that the Sinai could become an important economic zone, if agriculture is developed properly in the region. He pointed out that former governments used to import sand from Brazil with very similar components to Sinai sand.

“We are currently considering many development projects. These will require real resolve and determination from Egypt’s men and women who aspire for a better future.”