Dr. Morsi Assures Tourism Has Priority in Nahda Project

Dr. Morsi Assures Tourism Has Priority in Nahda Project

The Egyptian seaport town and resort Sharm El-Sheikh, in South Sinai, welcomed Dr. Mohamed Morsi, candidate for presidency, on Thursday.

From Sharm, as it is popularly known, Dr. Morsi stressed that Egypt has great capacities for tourism which can be a real driver of development in Egypt and fund the whole Nahda (Renaissance) Project.

In a meeting with businessmen and heads of tribes in Sharm El-Sheikh, Dr. Morsi explained that Egypt can offer all the different types of tourism in the world, e.g. beach, winter, medical, cultural and spiritual tourism.

“Of course, we still have in Egypt what other countries do not – in terms of tourism. We have a long history stretching back for thousands of years, to the Pharaonic civilization and its monuments, of which we still discover more every day.

“Indeed, it seems certain there are more undiscovered Pharaonic monuments underground than has ever been discovered. Also, we can double the income of tourism to Egypt many times, if Pharaonic cites were better organized.”

During the conference, one of the Bedouin leaders welcomed Dr. Morsi to the land of Sinai and gave him a copy of the Holy Quran as a gift to the presidential candidate of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP).

The streets of Sinai governorate were adorned with banners and posters welcoming the presidential candidate, too. Morsi’s electoral campaign youth made human-chains from the airport to Al-Mostafa Mosque.

During the meeting, Dr. Morsi stated that tourism does not need State funding. Rather, it needs freedom from State bureaucracy. The role of the State should be limited to issuing and enforcing regulations, just like all countries of the world. It should also allow tourist establishments the freedoms they need – without restrictions or conditions except for high quality.

Dr. Morsi added, "Through generations, we never paid special attention to tourism. We need innovative ideas that can be implemented. Everyone in this industry is welcome to take part in the reconstruction and rejuvenation of Egypt. Special attention should be paid to initiatives by youth, for they may bring a real leap in the development of this industry".

Dr. Mohamed Taha Wahdan, member of the Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Bureau, stressed that Dr. Mohamed Morsi, presidential contender of the FJP and the Brotherhood, is to implement Nahda Project with Islamic reference and greatly promising details that have been studied, analyzed and prepared over decades of research and development.

He stated that the citizens of Sinai are great men and women, “History has written that they are the most patriotic people, who never betrayed their country – a land where prophets have walked; a land mentioned in the Holy Quran”.

For his part, Ayman Al-Zahayri, FJP Secretary in South Sinai, explained the importance of Nahda Project for Sinai, as it will boost incomes and bring a comprehension development to the entire Sinai Peninsula.

He added that Morsi’s program focuses on Sinai in particular with a special supplement dedicated to developing the region. He added, “The program stresses the importance of establishing national projects with geographical perspectives, especially a project for the development of the Sinai.

“The party is also working for the revitalization of Egypt as a whole, so it would play its leading role once again, through economic development; and is aiming to make Sinai the base of a better future for Egypt.

“The reconstruction of the Sinai is the basis of Egypt’s renaissance. This is why we plan to build a railway in Sinai – which should improve national security and serve the industrial regions and the new mining areas, and also serve the ports of the Red Sea. This will also help take pressure off the current western line.”

Al-Zahayri further added, “We are promoting a project not an individual. The renaissance train has already left the station, and will bring good fortunes to the Egyptian people. Dr. Morsi has a wealth of experience in economy, politics and democracy.He is also a scientist who has submitted scientific researches to NASA. We are confident Egypt will be all the greater with Dr. Morsi for President”.