Dr. Morsi Denounces Hosting of Zionist Criminals in Davos

Dr. Morsi Denounces Hosting of Zionist Criminals in Davos

Dr. Mohammed Morsi (member of the MB Executive Bureau) denounced hosting the President of the Zionist entity Shimon Peres at Davos Forum.

He stated in an exclusive statement to Ikhwanonline that “Zionists are rappers, and the world can never forget their crimes on Palestinian territories which they took forcibly from its people and committed the most heinous crimes against its people and are now trying to make the world forget their crimes by presenting themselves as the owners of a legitimate entity.

He added that factions of the resistance –in the heart of it Hamas Movement- are the protective shields for the Palestinians. The whole nation should support and help them because it defends the Islamic and Christian sanctities in Palestine, while fighting the attempts of expansion and Zionist crimes supported by the American military machines, by NATO and unjust international forces in addition to some regimes in the Arab region that are anti-resistance.

Dr. Morsi stressed that the nation meanwhile is living in a state of awareness and understanding of the Zionist enemy’s danger, its crimes and Nazi methods in the numerous and repeated massacres from Deir Yasin to Sabra and Shatila to Qana and others and to the latest holocaust in Gaza; where Zionists have killed children, elderly and women in addition to the bloodsheds of Palestinians under the sight of the whole world.

He said: “the irony is hosting, by international forums and sessions, the Zionist vampires to present their point of view as if they had any right and to start blaming and accusing men of the Palestinian resistance”.

In this regard, he praised the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s position, who faced Zionists with their crimes and their use of internationally prohibited weapons children, elderly and women.

Mr. Mosri wondered: how could they welcome the murdered and ignore the victim? How could they act blindly to the murderer and his victim?

This was the reason for this strong position of Erdogan to this just cause.

He also said that everyone is required to support the position of Erdogan and to blame the Zionists and the president of their entity Shimon Peres rather than standing undecided as did the Secretary General of the Arab League who saluted Erdogan but he didn’t do the same and responded to the Secretary General of the UN Ban Ki-moon to stay and not to leave with Erdogan.

He described the withdrawal of Erdogan in Davos as a position that deserves appreciation and praising; as it reflects the Turkish public opinion in supporting resistance and rejecting the Zionist entity and its aggression. This position requires everyone to support and value it and to admit that what happened in Gaza is a new Nazi- Zionist crime.

Dr. Mosri demanded the whole world not to let the murderes, criminals and vampires to talk to justify their crimes.

He said: “we put ourselves in the trench of resistance” and he saluted Turkish people who expressed the support of their PM’s historical position against Peres, the Zionist criminal.