Dr. Morsi Holds Talks with Kuwaiti Ambassador in Cairo at FJP Headquarters

Dr. Morsi Holds Talks with Kuwaiti Ambassador in Cairo at FJP Headquarters

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), received on Monday, 9 April 2012, Dr. Rasheed Hamad Al-Hamad, Kuwaiti Ambassador in Cairo, at the FJP’s headquarters.

Dr. Morsi welcomed the ambassador of Kuwait and his accompanying delegation, expressing his sincere appreciation for the visit and the depth of bilateral relations between Egypt and Kuwait on the popular and official levels.

Further, Dr. Morsi stressed that the FJP and the Muslim Brotherhood’s decision to field a candidate for the presidential elections came after extensive discussions within the relevant FJP and Brotherhood institutions, and after reviewing all the developments that occurred in recent months, on both the local and international scenes, and the continuous attempts to subvert or obstruct the march of democratic transition, the clear and utter failure that has become increasingly evident in the performance of the current government, and attempts to disrupt and undermine the Egyptian parliament and its decisions and actions, which did shake the people’s confidence in the steps so far taken towards democratic transformation.

Dr. Morsi also emphasized that Egypt is looking forward to forging stronger political and economic relations with Arab countries through the promotion of Arab investments in the Egyptian market, adding that the FJP stresses the need to employ Egypt’s resources and manpower, especially since Egypt is blessed with great and varied resources that had been misused or neglected by previous regimes.

For his part, Dr. Rashid Al-Hamad expressed his delight at meeting with the FJP’s Chairman, stressing the importance of boosting economic and political relations with Egypt, especially after the glorious January 25 revolution.

The Kuwaiti ambassador said that his country is certainly willing to support Egypt’s march of democratic transformation, and is keenly interested in supporting the Egyptian economy by directing Gulf and Kuwaiti investments to Egypt, especially with stability, security and the political situation improving after the parliamentary elections and weeks before the presidential elections.