Dr. Morsi Lashes out at Scarecrow Tactics Used by Shafiq’s Campaign

Dr. Morsi Lashes out at Scarecrow Tactics Used by Shafiq’s Campaign


 Dr. Morsi refutes his presidential rival’s blatant lies, rumors and false accusations, which contrast blindingly with Morsi’s own commitment to truthfulness and an honorable campaign.


Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate for the presidency, stated that the return of lies and misinformation campaigns – usually undertaken by the defunct Mubarak regime and the notorious State Security – confirms that the former regime’s candidate works in exactly the same way as his mentor and predecessor, which indicates a lack of confidence or trust in the people, relying on conspiracy theories, and use of the old ‘scarecrow’ tactics.


Dr. Morsi assured that the Brotherhood’s methodology, their visions and policies totally reject the use of violence to deal with political challenges, however difficult those may be.


Even in Tahrir Square, the Brotherhood – together with other political and revolutionary parties and groups – always fought back only to prevent a massacre or a vicious attack by the ousted despot’s various forces.


The Muslim Brothers simply defended themselves, arrested attacking thugs, and handed them over to the authorities. They never started a fight or attacked anyone; they never even ill-treated those thugs and criminals they arrested.


Further, Dr. Morsi said that the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)’s entry into the presidential race and its quest to achieve national consensus behind its candidate aims to protect the gains of the revolution and prevent the corrupt old regime from coming back to rule the country with even more repression and tyranny, after the people regained their freedom and took control of their own destiny.


Moreover, Dr. Morsi affirmed that the FJP’s real purpose is to address and fulfill the Egyptian citizens’ needs and ambitions, adding that this is the most important determinant of all the FJP’s political discourses.