Dr. Morsi Meets People of Banha; Pledges Progress and Prosperity

Dr. Morsi Meets People of Banha; Pledges Progress and Prosperity

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the candidate of the revolution in the run-off presidential election, said that "We have no choice now but to continue the revolution until we achieve its objectives. Otherwise, we’d have a tragic setback – as the verdicts in the trial of the revolutionaries’ killers show: the rights of the martyrs can be lost".

During a meeting with the families of martyrs as well as scholars and village elders in Banha, Morsi affirmed that "Egyptians have impressed the whole world with their blessed revolution that forced reactionary cronies and criminals to retreat out of sight. But now, they are desperately trying to subvert the revolution and drag us back to a bygone era".

He added that, "Just 32 families in Egypt sucked the blood of the Egyptian people. Now, they’ve begun to act, to save billions of pounds looted from the people, for fear of fair trials. But the Egyptian people will not forget the tragedies that they suffered, and crimes the old regime’s goons committed, and all the rights of the farmers that have been usurped.

"Mubarak and his men deliberately spread corruption and violated the rights of Egyptians, especially the rights of the simple farmer. I personally am no stranger to all that. I suffered just like all Egyptians and I feel their pain."

Dr. Morsi pointed that for 30 years, the former regime had been humiliating Egyptians, stressing that the Egyptian people will not be fooled again, and will not allow the return of the former regime again.

"It is impossible for anyone to deceive the Egyptian people now. We will turn to liberty squares across the homeland, if the former regime sneaks back somehow.

"Egyptian corporations and companies, including the famous ‘Kaha’ company in Qaliubiya, were privatized and squandered. If the old regime is allowed to come back, it will continue to drain the wealth of the nation.

"I will do my best to defend the homeland against the former regime. When Egyptians died and some were arrested on the shores of Italy and in Europe, when Egyptians were killed on the borders of their own country, Mubarak’s regime and his ministers did not stir a finger. I pledge to live only to uphold the dignity and the national pride of Egyptians."

Morsi went on to say: "If the former regime returned once again, unemployment will increase, and failure of the educational system will get even worse", calling on everyone to work hard to close ranks and unite to advance the country and to prevent anyone from dragging it back to the dark times of repression.

Morsi, further, called upon all the people to maintain their dignified, civilized stance, and not accept any electoral bribes, adding that farmers are hard-working long-suffering people, but their rights were taken away, even the latest crop of cotton was laid to waste.

He stressed that Egyptians are honest people who do not accept looting or betrayal of their homeland, calling on everyone to stand as one for free and fair elections, saying: "We have one last chance to regain our dignity. We must not miss it".

He pointed that the media still falsify facts and distort his image, saying: "I do not care what they do, but more importantly what we and the honorable people of this homeland do".