Dr. Morsi to Norwegian Envoy: Situation in Egypt Improving

Dr. Morsi to Norwegian Envoy: Situation in Egypt Improving

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), on Sunday afternoon, met with Jon Hansen Bauer, Norwegian Foreign Minister Envoy to the Middle East, and Tor Wennesland, Norway’s Ambassador in Cairo.

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, underscored the need to develop and strengthen Norwegian-Egyptian relations in all political and economic fields, especially after the revolution of January 25.

Dr. Morsi said that the situation in Egypt is improving, especially with the completion of parliamentary elections, the holding of first post-revolution People’s Assembly sessions, the completion of the first phase of the Shura Council elections, and soon the formation of the Constituent Assembly of the constitution, then the presidential elections.

The FJP Chairman stressed that the party is ready to assume its responsibilities, as the party of parliamentary majority, for the formation of a coalition government, in cooperation with other parties, pointing to the importance of evoking a spirit of cooperation and integration between the various political forces and stakeholders to accomplish the goals of the revolution and the oversight and legislative functions of Parliament.

Dr. Morsi added that the FJP sees the need for balanced international relations, based on essential mutual interests.

The FJP Chairman called upon the Norwegian official to urge his country to support the democratization process taking place in the Arab Spring revolutions, especially in Syria where the regime is carrying out massive violations against the rights of the Syrian people, and also to support the rights of the Palestinian people against Israeli violations in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.