Dr. Morsi Warns from Hidden Objectives behind Conference of Reconstruction of Gaza

Dr. Morsi Warns from Hidden Objectives behind  Conference of Reconstruction of  Gaza

Dr. Mohamed Morsi (Member of Muslim Brotherhood Bureau) has warned from the malicious objectives hidden behind the conference of the reconstruction of Gaza, held in Sharm El Sheikh on Monday the 2nd of March with Arab and international participation.
He stated that the conference is trying to debate on the legitimacy of Hamas and its achievements during the recent Zionist war on Gaza, after it was decided by the conference to deal with the government of Salam Fayyad as a representative of the Palestinian people, although they didn’t play any role in the resisting or deterring the barbaric Zionist aggression on the Palestinian people in Gaza.
Dr. Morsi stated to Ikhwanweb  that the evil Zionist goals and the American tendencies are very clear in this conference, as it was preceded by warnings of U.S administration not to transfer the money of reconstruction of Gaza to Hamas and for Hamas not to even share in distributing it.
He wondered about the benefits of this conference if the Zionist entity, which committed the worst and most inhuman acts of killing and destruction, did not abide by its decisions, explaining that the calming file, after taking some serious steps in it, was violated when the occupying entity withdrew its commitments with the Egyptian party.
The question is: would the Zionist entity abide by the resolutions and the outcomes of the meetings on the reconstruction of Gaza?
He pointed out that the Palestinian resisting people to the occupation, either in Gaza or in the West Bank, would reject any attempt to undermine the heroic Palestinian resistance, in particular the Islamic Movement Hamas, which proved to be a real and legitimate representative of the Palestinians of all sects and factions.
Dr. Morsi called the Egyptian government which has done a lot for the Palestinian national reconciliation not to destroy what has been reached and agreed upon by the Palestinian factions in Cairo Conference on February 26th, as this current conference would be the reason for a new Palestinian division after the exclusion of Hamas from attending the conference, although it is the current government and the legitimate representative of the Palestinian people.
He highlighted that it was Hamas and Palestinian people in Gaza who suffered from the siege, resisted and deterred the aggression, thus not inviting it to this conference while inviting others is a malicious attempt to undermine the confidence of the Palestinian people in Palestine and its legitimate government, which is not going to happen in reality regardless of the Zionist-American plans and moves.