Dr. Morsy: Four Messages from the Million Man Demo for Trial and Cleansing

Dr. Morsy: Four Messages from the Million Man Demo for Trial and Cleansing

Dr. Mohamed Morsy, media spokesman and member of the MB Executive Bureau, stressed that the participation of the Egyptian people in the demonstrations shows that the Egyptian people are alert and ready to protect their revolution and that Tahrir Square will always be lively until the demands of the people are achieved.

He stressed that there are many messages from the Egyptian people that should be understood as the first was concerning the remnants of the former regime that people are still vigilant and insisting on cleansing its institutions from the corrupted former regime, and after less than a month of the referendum on the constitutional amendments it sends them the message that they will not leave them without accountability and calls for the prosecution of those responsible, in particular former president Hosni Mubarak and to confiscate all his money and return it to the Egyptians and to bring to justice to those who killed the protesters in Tahrir Square and other provinces in Egypt.

The second message was for the outside world that Egyptians and the Armed Forces are united, and that the people will support the army and also demand it to take speedy procedures to bring to justice those who are corrupt, especially Mubarak, his family and the men who are in Egypt and those who fled Egypt. He pointed out that the armed forces have responded to many demands of the people and will continue to respond to their demands.

The third message was that the people are keen to develop and advance the country, and their protests are organised and only take place on Fridays which is the weekend.

The fourth message was that Egyptians are not only interested with their own internal affairs but they still care about the affairs of neighbouring countries such as Libya, Palestine and Yemen, pointing out that the march towards the Israeli embassy by the protesters is a message to them that the Egyptians will not accept the threats made by Israelis to our people in Palestine and Egyptians would sacrifice their lives for their main cause which is to free Al-Aqsa mosque.

The ‘Cleansing Friday’ was a demonstration which sent a clear message to the Zionists that the reaction of the Egyptian people regarding any violation against the Palestinians will be different than that of Mubarak’s era.