Dr Morsy to al-Arabiya: Supervision Is the Most Effective Means to Combat Rigging of the Elections

Dr Morsy to al-Arabiya: Supervision Is the Most Effective Means to Combat Rigging of the Elections

Dr Mohamed Morsy, media spokesman of the MB, revealed that the MB is running for 120 out of 222 constituencies and 32 constituencies which were added to (Kota) seats, pointing out that the MB has left some seats due to the general atmosphere in the republic and for good national figures, such as Dr Hamdy el-Sayed, head of the Doctors Syndicate in Egypt.

In an interview with al-Arabiya TV channel, Dr Morsy, stressed that the MB is calling for free and fair elections in which the nation is the source of authority in all local, parliamentary and presidential elections.

He said: “The MB will accept whoever comes to power according to the will of the nation without it being rigged, even if it does not believe he is suitable, but the one who comes to power despite the will of the people will never be accepted by the MB”.

Dr Morsy considered that the motto “Islam Is the Solution” reflects the core of the main source of legislation provided by the Egyptian constitution which guarantees the rights of all citizens.
He pointed out that the motto enjoys popular legitimacy defined by law as ultra-constitutional, especially since the people are the ones who can make and change the constitution.

He explained that the High Elections Committee (HEC) did not prohibit the motto “Islam Is the Solution”, but it has generally prohibited religious mottos, and the MB motto is not religious and does not contradict the constitution as some like to claim.

Dr Morsy pointed out that the 2010 electoral program is not a party program, but it contains all that MB candidates can offer to the people in their constituencies.

He confirmed the rights of Christians saying that their rights are obligations and duties we have in our religion which does not require a campaign to stress on it.

He explained that texts in the Noble Quran ordered us to look after the Christians, our fellow citizens, on the humanitarian level, and to accept, love and be just with them.

He noted that Christians have the same rights in the country like Muslims, as mentioned in the Quran and the teachings of Islam.

Dr Morsy pointed out that the internal affairs of the MB are run with great transparency, democracy and freedom of choice, highlighting that the MB works according to the law and the constitution.

On the role of MB candidates in parliament, he said: “MPs have exerted great efforts and made a clear mark in most of the important issues such as revealing the truth behind the special poll boxes which the government hides, protecting the territories of the country, and rejecting gas exportation to Israel; however, it is known who is responsible in parliament in bringing about the legislative changes.

In response to the accusations that the MB take trips for medical treatment at the country’s expense, he affirmed that involving some MB MPs in this case is an attempt to distort the image of the MB ahead of the parliamentary elections and the judiciary had already cleared them of these accusations.

He noted that the MB is a large group and is not run by a group of individuals, but words within an institutional framework, with plans and means; therefore, the government opposes it.
Dr Morsy pointed out that the supervision of an election is not the same as monitoring it, as supervision has many levels and the most effective one is the supervision by the people.

He welcomed the supervision of the elections by the civil society along with the United Nations, which he described as a people’s institution which has remained neutral in their supervision of many elections in different countries.

Dr Morsi rejected the idea of any other country supervising the Egyptian elections, describing this as an unacceptable interference in the internal affairs of Egypt, which is totally unaccepted by the MB.