• December 25, 2006
  • 2 minutes read

Dr. Rafik Habib: Coptic Fears Toward Muslim Brotherhood

Dr. Rafik Habib: Coptic Fears Toward Muslim Brotherhood

The Coptic intellectual, Dr. Rafik Habib, said that reports about Coptic fears from the so-called Muslim Brotherhood militias is farcical.
“The reports that the Copts fear from the so called Muslim Brotherhood militias is farcical, because describing Al-Azhar students sportive performance as a military militia is absurd and totally, groundless, said the Coptic intellectual, Dr. Rafik Habib in a statement to Ikhwanweb.
“We confirm that the fears are voiced by the media campaigns in the first place; for a neutral observer, the one can easily realize that this sportive performance has no indication and it was just a spontaneous incident that doesn’t bear any sign” Habib said.
“The government vented media seized the opportunity of this performance and caused fears among both the Copts and secularists with the aim of exploiting this state of fear to prevent the political activities of the Muslim Brotherhood group so that the regime has strong justifications for carrying out these escalations” Rafik Habib said, pointing out that these security crackdowns aren’t the first and won’t be the last but what distinguishes the current security crackdown is that it has been carried out under a wide-scale media campaign to cover the ruling regime’s violations of law, freedoms and human rights.

Habib added that the cultured elite includes uprooters who incite the regime to launch an open confrontation against the Muslim Brotherhood group and to eradicate the group and its political activities.

The noted Coptic intellectual pointed out that the Egyptian regime and many of the current political parties and movements fear entering a real and fair competition through ballot boxes with the Muslim Brotherhood group.

Habib confirmed that the regime does not want any kind of close relationship between the Copts and the Muslim Brotherhood group so that the fears of the MB’s political growth don’t decrease, to remain a card of pressure in the hands of the current Egyptian regime hands; also some Copts, specially emigrant Copts, exploit these fears to gain more support and to have more influence for the emigrant Copts from the international community institutions.