Drawing Gaza by Photos and words

Drawing Gaza by Photos and words

Before, I wrote a diary called “from Gaza To Rome”

Today I write “from Gaza To London”

As a first speaker who survived the Israeli war on Gaza; I would be starting a very comprehensive speaking tour in the U.K. I”ll be speaking at the parliament, touring at colleges and universities to bring more awareness about Palestine and the last war launched against Gaza. I just got to Cairo and I”m flying to London within hours. Just in the car, I started to make my first simple and humble report, however, I was so tired from the long hours of travel. I try in the below work to let you updated of the Gaza Strip. I”m having more repots and stories from Gaza; I would be releasing them so soon!

The Israeli War left massive damage that nearly hit all aspects of life. I have written many stories but for sorry I had not the time to publish them due to dedicating my time to launch the first Palestinian Electronic Newspaper. A newspaper that would be very comprehensive and informative. It would deal with Palestine, Mideast, World and U.S News. However, I was documenting the aftermath step by step. I toured in most of devastated areas where I have seen massive insane damage and smelled easily death coming out of rubbles. I heard many sad accounts of killing and slow death. I turned myself to be introverted for some days and I lost the ability to write. I”m trying to gather all my power to write. In the Meantime, I would like to let you live in Gaza throughout my Photos!

1- Gazan Children: Moments of Ecstasy out of War Rubble. I spent nice moments along my friend Janet taking photos of young children in Juhr El Dik area mid of Gaza. The area was totally damaged. More than 150 houses partially and totally damaged. Many people were killed. Children there don”t have any basics of life thus nothing called fun or joy could be recognized there. It”s only death and fear hovering.

2- Snowy and Rainy Weather after the Gaza War. For the first time ever; Gaza was snowed. A nice white address covered most of the streets. For a moment, destruction and devastation hide behind that nice white dress. Quickly, snow melt and rubbles appeared again.

3- Devastation Mid Of Gaza Strip: Displaced Children There.

The area witnessed heavy Israeli attacks in time of War. There is an account for Abu Hajaj family where more than 30 members kept in one house. They even had no bathroom. Thus, they were pushed to relieve nature in the same room they were kept in. Additionally, 2 women were killed. For long hours the red cross and paramedics tried to rescue them but the soldiers said no until they died.

4- A Journey of Torture: Trying to Leave the Gaza Jail

Successfully after the War, I managed to have a UK visa to speak in the parliament and tour in Britain, Wales, Ireland and Scotland. Yet, I was trapped and not able to leave Gaza. I suffered a lot as well as thousands of people who tried to cross. For three days I tried but I failed. It was nice to have my camera with me. We stayed in the buses for more than 12 hours! You are invited to live the suffering here.