Dumyat Lawyers to Sit-in against Elections Derail

Dumyat Lawyers to Sit-in against Elections Derail

Lawyers in Dumyat organized a sit-in on the stairs of the compound of courts at Shata in Dumyat, to protest against the attempts of the ruling regime to take the syndicate, abandoning it from playing its national and professional role and trying to set censorship to control it.

Demonstrators headed by Medhat Ashur, candidate of Islamic Shari’a committee for Dumyat First Instance Court seat, and Mohamed Durra, the independent candidate, chanted for the syndicate unity and asserted that it remains for the lawyers despite the regime’s attempt to steal it. 

Ashur asserted that the sit-in proves the lawyers coalition in Dumyat against imposing guardianship or trusteeship over the syndicate. However he welcomed the judicial oversight over elections.

Ashur said that the only procedure which is being derailed by the regime is that of the elections, which is to lead the General Assembly to choose its own members freely and without trusteeship from any side.

Durra warned not to hold elections. He stressed on the lawyers concern for their syndicate and that they are not going to let it for the ruling regime, to steal, loot and impose trusteeship over it.