Duwaik to PA employees: We are united with you

Duwaik to PA employees: We are united with you against those blocking entry of money

From his solitary detention cell in the Israeli Kfar Yona prison, the kidnapped PLC speaker Dr. Aziz Duwaik sent Tuesday a message to his people and the PA employees affirming that the PA government and the PLC are united with them against forces impeding money to come into the Palestinian lands.

“We absolutely support your legal demands to receive your salaries as we shall never bargain it. Such detention cells we are incarcerated in will only increase our love and solidarity with you”, Duwaik said in the message.

He added, “The IOF troops kidnapped and detained us purposely to break our determination, your determination, and the determination of the entire Palestinian people; yet we clearly announce that what we suffer is a continuation of the sacrifices of our martyrs and the entire world has to comprehend that Palestinian determination will never be broken. The Israelis usurped our legal rights and lands, and it is our right to get them back using all means available”.

Reacting to calls inviting PA employees not to report to offices, Duwaik said, “As to our PA employees, we say that we are supporting your steps against the unjust siege imposed on all of us, and we are united with you in moving against forces involved in that unjust economic embargo; but we beg you not to stop the education march in Palestine as such a halt serves first and foremost the Israeli occupation government”.

Duwaik underlined that the PA employees have the full right to demonstrate and protest; but they should direct their protest and anger at those hindering money to come into the hands of the PA government, stressing that there are certain local parties in the Palestinian arena encouraging such anti-government rallies and employing them for personal and factional purposes.

He, further, urged the Palestinian people in general, and the PA employees in particular, to stand beside their elected government that rejected conceding Palestinian legal rights and paid and still is paying a high price for those nationalist stands.

The PLC speaker also asked Palestinian Islamic and nationalist forces to support the people’s demands and to draw a popular program to break the embargo and to alleviate the people’s sufferings.

“We are passing through a very sensitive stage where all hands must join together in shouldering the national responsibility to support our legal rights and fight those besieging and starving the Palestinian people”, he underscored.

Duwaik’s “comprehensive” message was relayed by lawyer Sana Duwaik of Al-Khalil deputies’ office as she visited him in his detention cell after repeated requests’, asserting that the speaker was isolated totally from the outside world and lives in very harsh incarceration conditions.

Meanwhile, representative of the national supreme committee supporting the kidnapped PA ministers and lawmakers Khaled Abu Al-Baha’a announced Wednesday the kicking off of the popular campaign for the support of the kidnapped Palestinian officials.

In a press conference he held in Ramallah city, Abu Al-Baha’a declared that the campaign will start with massive sit-in before the Israeli Ofer court Thursday and will grow up gradually with the coming days to include all Palestinian districts.

In this occasion, Abu Al-Baha’a urged all concerned international and regional institutions to take their part and help pressure the Israeli occupation government to release the abducted ministers and lawmakers.

For his part, PLC’s second deputy speaker Dr. Hassan Khuraisha unveiled that the EU parliament, the European Council, and the UN human rights council will send a fact-finding committee to the occupied Palestinian lands to tackle the issue of the kidnapped Palestinian legislators and cabinet members.

More than 40 Palestinian lawmakers and 5 cabinet members kidnapped at the hands of the IOF troops remain incarcerated in different Israeli jails.

Khuraisha further asserted that the PLC plans to form a group of foreign advocates to sue Israel before national courts in London and Brussels to add pressure on the Israeli occupation government into releasing those elected Palestinian officials.

PA prisoners’ affairs minister Wasfi Kabaha urged Arab and Muslim organizations, including the Arab League and the OIC to effectively mobilize all their pressures to force Israel release head of the Palestinian legitimacy, Dr. Duwaik, and his colleagues.