Dwaik: Hamas’s parliamentary experience an asset to the Palestinian issue

Dwaik: Hamas’s parliamentary experience an asset to the Palestinian issue

MP Dr. Aziz Dwaik has unveiled Friday his intention to prepare for a Palestinian national reconciliation without “external or regional” intervention, asserting that Hamas’s parliamentary experience had broadened the momentum of the Palestinian issue.

He also added that the present PLC wasn’t given the chance to carry out its duties properly as nearly 44 of the PLC members, the great majority of them from Hamas Movement, were kidnapped by the Israeli occupation authorities while the Ramallah-based PA authority denied the legislature its constitutional right to function after it was democratically elected by the Palestinian people.

In this regard, Dwaik pointed out that the step he had taken to temporarily extend term of the present PLC till a new PLC is democratically elected was constitutional, disclosing that he was preparing to rearrange the work of the PLC based on specific priorities.

“There would be a historic responsibility on anyone trying to derail convening the legislature”, Dwaik underlined, adding that the PLC would prioritize electing a new presidential bureau for it, and would discuss ways and means to achieve the Palestinian national reconciliation without outside intervention whatsoever.

He also underscored that Hamas’s parliamentary experience was unique and added more momentum to the Palestinian issue globally, stressing he would call for a unified session for the PLC members with specific agenda based on the request of one-fourth of the PLC members.