Dwaik: Return of Palestinian refugees is a sacred right

Dwaik: Return of Palestinian refugees is a sacred right

Kidnapped Hamas senior political leader and speaker of the PA legislature MP Dr. Aziz Dwaik described on Monday the Right of Return of the Palestinian refugees as the “hard rock” on which the dreams of the Israeli occupation will be broken.

In this regard, Dwaik made it clear that none has the right to tamper with the right of return (RoR) being a sacred right of the 6 million Palestinians living in refugee camps inside occupied Palestine and in diaspora, underlining that UN resolutions sanction that right.

Dwaik said this in an interview with the information office of MP Sameera Al-Halaika through his counsel, and the PIC obtained a copy of it.

He also urged the Palestinian factions to make the 15th of May as a day for national reconciliation and unity, highlighting, at the same time, the importance of drawing a comprehensive national agenda to revive the 60th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba (catastrophe).

On the other hand, Dwaik revealed that leaders from different factions in Israeli jails were working on a new initiative with the aim to end the inter-Palestinian political rift, and to restore Palestinian national unity.

More than a year ago, imprisoned leaders produced a document that paved the way before the Palestinian factions to ink the national reconciliation document that, later on, produced the PA national unity government under Premier Ismael Haneyya although it was later on dissolved by PA chief Mahmoud Abbas.

He also explained that imprisoned leaders were exerting tremendous efforts to end the Palestinian internal rift although, he added, the difficult communication among leaders of the Movement plays an essential factor in delaying finalizing the initiative.

Egypt”s role:

When asked to comment on the Egyptian stand on the Israeli siege on Gaza Strip, Dwaik pointed out that Egypt was exerting big efforts in convincing the Israeli occupation government to accept the Egypt-sponsored truce which the Palestinian resistance factions pledged to abide by if the IOA accepted it, underscoring that Egypt won”t allow the starving of the Palestinian people.

But he urged Egypt to take a unilateral decision to open the Rafah crossing point if the Israeli occupation government rejected the clam proposal.

Three messages:

During the interview, Dr. Dwaik sent three messages, the first of which was to the Arab leaders where he urged them to double their efforts in retrieving occupied Palestine and the occupied Aqsa Mosque, being a national and a religious duty.

The second message of Dwaik was for the Arab and Muslim people where he invited them to increase the popular pressure on the Arab and Muslim leaders to spur them to carryout their mandate in supporting the besieged Palestinian people.

In his third message, which he addressed to the “steadfast” Palestinian people, Dwaik called on all the Palestinian people inside and outside of occupied Palestine to remain steadfast and to never compromise their legal and national rights regardless of the pressures and temptations.