Dwaik charges PA with neglecting the issue of kidnapped MPs

Dwaik charges PA with neglecting the issue of kidnapped MPs

Recently freed speaker of the Palestinian legislative council (PLC) Dr. Aziz Dwaik on Sunday charged the PA leadership with neglecting the issue of the PLC members kidnapped and detained illegally by the Israeli occupation authority (IOA).


He told a press conference in Ramallah that the deputies have been held in custody for three years with no real concern on the part of the PA leadership.


The speaker declared the initiation of an international campaign to release the kidnapped MPs that would act in unison with local, Arab and international parties to seek the freedom of those lawmakers and to publicize their deliberately neglected issue.


He lashed out at the world community that accepts results of the democratic process as long as they served its vision or interest but if they went otherwise then it refuses them altogether.


The IOA kidnap of MPs ran contrary to values of justice and integrity in addition to principles of democracy and humanity including the immunity of those parliamentarians, Duwaik charged.


He said that the kidnappings were political par excellence and were meant to avenge the capture of the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. He added that the kidnappings also carried the malicious goal of obstructing the legislative life and to abort the successful democratic process.


Meanwhile, the minister of prisoners” affairs Mohammed Faraj Al-Ghoul blessed the campaign launched by Dr. Dwaik.


He issued a statement in Gaza on Sunday lamenting the fact that the world community never displayed any concern over the issue of the Palestinian MPs who were kidnapped and illegally detained for more than three years.


The minister noted that the IOA was still holding 37 MPs in its jails along with three former ministers.