• June 7, 2010

DWO: Lift the siege on Gaza now

DWO: Lift the siege on Gaza now

Doctors of the World Organization (DWO) called for lifting Gaza blockade in order to improve the living and health conditions of its inhabitants in the long-term.

DWO said in a statement published Sunday that Israel’s attack on the Freedom Flotilla highlighted the critical situation created by the blockade that for three years has plunged one and a half million Palestinians into an ongoing medical and economic crisis.

It added that many medicines are currently unavailable in Gaza because of the blockade and the resulting shortages and referring patients abroad is still problematic due to the restrictions imposed on movement from and into Gaza.

The organization noted that during 2009, 27 people died after having been denied the chance of medical care outside Gaza.

“Lengthy power cuts between six and 12 hours a day considerably disrupt the running of hospitals, this affects the use of essential medical equipment and refrigerating vaccines.”

“Certain types of medical equipment remain out of use in public health centers. Between 15 and 20 percent of essential medicines are regularly out of stock. This is the case for the drugs needed to treat chronic illnesses, for neonatal care and for treating cancer,” it explained.