• January 23, 2015
  • 6 minutes read

Egypt’s Anti-Coup Alliance Urges Patriotic Citizens to Persist in ‘Egypt Speaks Revolution’ Protests

Egypt’s Anti-Coup Alliance Urges Patriotic Citizens to Persist in ‘Egypt Speaks Revolution’ Protests

In the history of nations, there come to pass decisive moments when the people defeat despots at the height of their authoritarian tyranny. The persistence of our Revolution, despite the great sacrifices, for the fourth year running is an affirmation that we will soon achieve victory and oust the despots in Egypt, and that January 25 will certainly be a new spark and start point for the resilient Revolution that has never stopped and the beginning of the greatest revolutionary unity that will further fire the peaceful struggle against the dictatorial junta regime and motivate the masses to recover their usurped rights from the murderers, the crooks and the criminals, and to complete the path of the peaceful Revolution until all objectives are achieved and the corrupt regime is ousted, allowing honest and patriotic citizens to build Egypt’s future.

This is a long battle against the forces of global arrogance and tyranny that seek to exterminate the nation, the homeland and the people. These forces must realize that the only solution is to respect the people’s will, true identity and independence.

The Revolution is the peaceful manifestation of popular will, while the coup is the horrid crime of a violent and savage junta.

But no brutally evil gang will defeat the patriotic people of Egypt. So, let us prepare ourselves for a huge revolutionary rally, in a new beginning that will pave the way for the victory of the Revolution and the truth. Free peoples in the region should rise along with you in support of Arab Spring demands.

January 25 marks the launch of the 2011 Revolution, and threatens the counter-revolution. So, let us close ranks under the banner of the January Revolution and the memory of all its martyrs. Let our chants for freedom unnerve the usurpers in their fortified palaces.

With God’s help, we can oust the Mubarak clone, just as we did the authoritarian original in 2011. It is now time for cohesion and unity, for heroes and epics. So, show junta terrorists your Revolution, your rage. Let January 25 be a different new start in a new year, towards decisive victory and prompt retribution; to end the tyranny and impoverishment, betrayal, treason, oppression of the poor and the trampling of justice and dignity.

The days that made us proud are once again onto us. They bring back our dream of freedom. So, let us rise in an extended wave of powerful revolutionary action that opens the door for significant achievements. Let us start on Friday, January 23, and gather all together on January 25. Thereafter, we should persist and persevere on the democratic transformation path.

Detailed action decisions should be based on the situation of each rally on the ground, according to the developments of the revolutionary scene. Raise high the flags of Egypt and Rabaa symbols of steadfastness and anti-coup defiance, as well as pictures of Revolution martyrs and political prisoners.

There is no retreat from the Revolution, no negotiations or compromise on the martyrs’ blood or the goals of the January 25 Revolution. There will be no relinquishing of any rights. We have learned past lessons and gained extensive experience.

So, let us move forcefully, and peacefully, forward with the Revolution – with courage, boldness and unwavering determination.

The people want to overthrow the repressive regime

Freedom, social justice, human dignity

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Wednesday – January 21, 2015