• January 25, 2015
  • 5 minutes read

Egypt’s Anti-Coup Coalition Calls Important Milestone: January 25 Revolution Protest Wave

Egypt’s Anti-Coup Coalition Calls Important Milestone: January 25 Revolution Protest Wave

The Egyptian Revolution is moving steadily towards its goal: the ultimate defeat of the illegitimate coup. The revolutionary will of the Egyptian people in all squares and streets across the country will not back down, despite all the barbaric junta tactics which include killing unarmed protesters, and arbitrary arrest and detention by coup security authorities.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance mourns Sondos Reda Abu-Bakr, the Revolution martyr killed by junta forces in Alexandria. The Alliance, along with all the men and women of the Egyptian Revolution, assures that the patriotic people and their non-violent strife will certainly win this struggle, and that the day will soon come when no murderer will escape retribution, and the coup commanders and collaborators will get no help from their brutal killing machine.

As witnessed in the beginning of the January 25 Revolution protest wave (Egypt Speaks Revolution), the patriotic people of this homeland are forging forward everyday. Joining them are new segments of the Egyptian people, who are suffering tremendously from the economic collapse and unprecedented poverty.

In this, the fourth year of the January 25 Revolution, the coming days will be an important milestone in the path of revolutionary action in defense of Egyptians’ national identity, their revolutionary choices and path to defend and restore the freedoms and achieve the demands of the January 25 Revolution, which denounces the support by forces of colonialism and hegemony for the military coup which will inevitably be defeated.

It has become clear to everyone that the despots will undoubtedly be ousted, and with all certainty the will of the people, who are determined to regain their freedom, shall topple the illegitimate regime of Al-Sisi, the coup leader, and his corrupt gang. No Gulf sponsors or western supporters will help the putschists.

The junta delude themselves, if they think they can allow corrupt Mubarak and his two sons to escape punishment, after the January 25 Revolution ousted them. For, although this is the fourth year of the Revolution, popular wrath is still roaring like thunder. The people will not accept anything but fair and prompt retribution for all the martyrs, and prompt punishment for all the killers, especially Mubarak, Al-Sisi and the rest of the criminal gang and corrupt cronies.

So, march boldly ahead. The decision in the field is up to you, according to the situation on the ground. On Friday, you demonstrated in the shadow of the presidential palace. Soon, you will enter it to overthrow the illegitimate coup commander. Persist and persevere. Continue the march on the path of democratic transformation, as always, in all squares and streets. Raise high Rabaa symbols of steadfastness and pictures of martyrs and detainees.

We will not retreat from the January Revolution. We will not negotiate or compromise on the martyrs’ blood. And we will not compromise on the people’s rights. The people will impose their will until the January Revolution is ultimately victorious, achieving its demands: Freedom, social justice, human dignity.

The people want to overthrow the repressive regime

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Friday – January 23, 2015