Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Fascist Bangladeshi Government; Says: People Will Triumph

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Fascist Bangladeshi Government; Says: People Will Triumph

Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, Muslim Brotherhood spokesman, accused the Bangladeshi government of terrorism and fascism.

Earlier, on Sunday, the Bangladeshi government killed hundreds of protesters in the main square in the capital Dhaka after a demonstration by millions who demanded the government be sacked and a new law issued to deter attacks on Islam.

Furthermore, on Monday, security forces arrested aging Muslim scholar Ahmed Shafi, the leader of Hifazet-e-Islami, who called the huge protests in Bangladesh. Security forces also shut down two television stations because they aired live images of how security forces broke up the protest using violence and savagery.

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Dr. Ghozlan said: "The Bangladeshi government is hostile to its own people and their uprising. It takes extreme actions against Islamists, from absurdly issued death sentences to killing of peaceful protesters who came out demanding their legitimate rights to freedom, democracy and social justice.

"However long the tyranny may continue, a day will surely come where the people will topple and eliminate tyranny – as happened in Egypt, Libya and elsewhere."

Dr. Ghozlan called on all Arab and Islamic organizations and Muslim countries to stand strong against these criminal acts in order to liberate the people from the fascism that afflicts them.

Notably, the Bangladeshi government imposed a curfew after bloody confrontations Sunday with protesters who descended on the capital’s largest public square to call for the ouster of the repressive government of Sheikha Hasina.

Demonstrators turned up in hundreds of thousands, packing Dhaka’s main square protesting the government’s violation of freedoms, oppression of opponents, sentencing many Islamists to death or long-term imprisonment, and allowing secularists to insult Islam and all that Muslims hold sacred.