Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Students Hold First Conference, Propose Development Initiatives

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Students Hold First Conference, Propose Development Initiatives
The Muslim Brotherhood students launched an initiative titled “A generation builds; A nation in progress” whose first stage is expected to take four years. The students proposed a "revival project" to be developed at the beginning of each year, in addition to launching separate projects for every School aimed at developing universities and local communities nationwide.

The initiative was proposed during a seminar at the Cairo Conference Hall on Saturday, in front of the MB Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badei, former MB Chairman Mahdy Akef, members of the MB Executive Bureau and Ayman Abdul Ghany student supervisor.

Approximately 2700 MB students endorsed the initiative for 2011, which involved a rehabilitation project for the labor market, with the objective of encouraging partnership and community services supporting the community and head by students in all fields.

According to the MB students, “High ethics, morals, and patriotism are the key elements to any nation’s progress. It is necessary to instil dignity, culture, self worth and pride in our Arab, Muslim and Egyptian identity if we are to rise,” they said.

Addressing the students, Akef asserted he felt pride in seeing such a large turnout of students at the conference. “For 70 years I have worked side by side with students and loved ones both in Egypt and abroad who have been the very pulse of the nation and the Arab world. We must continue to work for freedom and democracy in Egypt and exert all efforts to liberate Egyptians and restore their legitimate rights. The people need to acknowledge their rights and understand the differences between right and wrong, corruption and reform.”

He highlighted that it was significant that the transition of power take place and state institutions be established and elections run.

MB Chairman, Dr. Mohamed Badie agreed, adding: “The students are a valuable asset in the process of development, investments and progress. The MB has instilled in the youth the importance of freedom, honesty, loyalty and goodwill; with these traits you will be able to serve your people and your country Egypt will be able to rise to its glory.”

He encouraged them to rise to the occasion and take advantage of the revolution which advocated reform, freedom, and dignity for all Egyptians.

“The revolution has not ended till each and every demand of the people are met; you must work for this and you must be proud you are Egyptian,” he said.