Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Vows to Continue Commitment to Peaceful Protest, Defiance to Topple Junta

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Vows to Continue Commitment to Peaceful Protest, Defiance to Topple Junta

An official source in Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood said the group will not in any way depart from its peaceful approach or abandon its faith in peaceful change and peaceful and legal popular resistance to the oppressive junta and the military coup in its entirety.

The Brotherhood source, who requested anonymity, added that the atmosphere of brutal murderous repression will not force Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood to resort to violence or to change its chosen path, which is essentially based on rejection of violence.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt never resorted to non-peaceful resistance except in struggles against foreign occupiers – only when Egypt was under the occupation of foreign powers. Other than that, all acts of violence attributed to the group are nothing but attempts at demonization and falsification of history.

"The Muslim Brotherhood will continue to lean towards the choice of the people: peaceful resistance to the coup. The group believes that violence will not achieve real change, but will increase the suffering of the people, and in the short term will only prolong the era of the military junta."

The Brotherhood source stressed that there is not any likelihood the group would engage in any acts of violence or abandon its long-established peaceful approach. He assured that in Egypt, the free honorable people will put an end to the putschists’ repressive regime and oust its traitorous leader.

"Just over a year has now passed since the military coup. And despite all the evident systematic repression and cold-blooded culling of the Muslim Brotherhood, the group has not changed or deviated from its peaceful path. Nor has it altered its ideological principles. In this respect, the Brotherhood does not fear anyone’s wrath, persecution or punishment. It simply acts for a better future for the free people of Egypt, the state that favors democracy and popular choices, based on genuine partnership.

"The Brotherhood endeavors to wrest the rights of all the martyrs of Egypt and take to task all those involved in crimes against the January 2011 Revolution and the revolutionaries, those who turned against democracy, spilled the blood of Egyptian men and women – and even children – unjustly, lured the army into the quagmire of politics, and with a slight of hand illegally appointed a foolish military general president ."