Egypt’s Professors slam security’s aggression on students

Egypt’s Professors slam security’s aggression on students

Demonstrations by Egypt ‘s professors who allied with the 9th March Movement for university took place Thursday, April 22, objecting to the recent assaults and violations by the security against students.

Banners were raised slamming the security’s incursions on several universities’ campuses and the recent kidnapping, assaults, arrests, detentions and harassments of students; all of which are a violation to human rights.

The security’s arrogance has noticeably escalated disregarding the rightful respect of the university’s campus. Security formerly arrested students away from the university’s premises; however, security measures have dramatically worsened with the norm being arrests on campus.

The professors in the 9th March Movement criticized the university chancellors and deans, and rejected their conspiring with security apparatuses against the students. They held the administrators of Egypt ’s universities fully responsible for the physical, material and psychological harm that the students suffer as a result of security abuses.

In a related issue, hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood students also engaged in demonstrations in the Cairo University protesting to the recent decisions issued by the director of the university communities.  The expulsions by the director, permanent or temporary were unacceptable. An intervention by the director promising to look into the matter with the vice-chancellor of academic and student affairs appeased the students for the time being.