Egypt’s Security Forces investigate NDP members

Egypt’s Security Forces  investigate NDP members

State Security forces in Kafr El-Sheikh summoned dozens of Egypt’s ruling National Democratic Party’s (NDP) members who planned to run in the upcoming parliamentary elections on the party’s official list. The candidates were examined and investigations were under way regarding their commitment to the party 

The ruling NDP party has conducted numerous public opinion polls recently, during which the police questioned them about the Parliamentarians popularity and who was nominated best to win the NDP’s caucuses.

Secretary for the New Wafd Party in Kafr el Sheik Medhat Ashour criticized the full compliance of the authorities employees to the ruling Party as they exert absolute power over Egypt’s citizens  at the expense of the rest the political parties.

 In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Ashour maintained that there was evident tilting of the scales with double standards adding “if we assumed the opposition parties aspire to undertake such a survey, they will immediately be arrested by police even if they had permission from the authorities.