Egypt’s Universities Protest Trump’s Decision Despite Security Siege

Egypt’s Universities Protest Trump’s Decision Despite Security Siege

 Despite tight security and crackdown by Egyptian security forces, Egyptian universities students organized several demonstrations on campuses and outside in rejection of the US president’s decision recognizing  Jerusalem as the capital of the Zionist entity. 

Students stressed that Jerusalem is an Islamic sacred sanctity, and will remain the eternal capital of Palestine, demanding the release of all university students detained during Jerusalem protests.

Demonstrations were held at each of the greater Cairo universities starting from Misr University for Science and Technology after security canceled permit granted earlier by the University for a massive march. Universities of Alexandria, Mansoura, and the South Valley University in Qena witnessed mass rallies with wide participation of students, raising the flag of Egypt next to the flag of Palestine, and banners that confirm: "Jerusalem is Arab and Muslim" and "Jerusalem is Ours."

Ain Shams university students held a massive rally on Sunday outside the university administration complex at the Palace of Saffron.

Students chanted slogans condemning the indifference of the Arab governments, demanding support for the freedom fighters in Jerusalem at all levels, and unifying the efforts in support of the first Qibla, the Messenger’s Night Journey destination, and the third holiest shrine in Islam. 

At the University of Alexandria, a demonstration took place near the main campus, where students chanted  "A nation whose leader is [Prophet] Muhammad  will never kneel down to injustice" and  "I am Muslim, I will not surrender."

In Mansoura University, students protested outside the gates of the College of Science against the US president’s decision to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

At the South Valley University, students painted a majestic revolutionary mural that expresses the rejection of the American bias towards the colonial settler Zionist entity in occupied Palestine.