Egypt: 11 students kidnapped, tortured and sexually abused by Munufeya police

Egypt: 11 students kidnapped, tortured and sexually abused by Munufeya police

On 30 March 2010, as a Munufeya University graduation service came to a close, Egyptian Security Services arrested 11 students outside the gates of the university’s Faculty of Electronic Engineering. Thousands of students were attending the service.

Following the ceremony, as student began to leave the university grounds, a taskforce of central security agents, intelligence officers and State Security Investigative (SSI) services suddenly attacked and arrested a group of students including a number of female students. They were remanded in custody for several hours, at the Munufeya police station, before being released in the early hours of 31 March 2010.

The following students were taken to Munufeya police station:

1. Sayed Abdul Khaliq Hijazi

2. Mohamed Abdul Latif Hallaj

3. Ahmed Murad Osama

4. Ahmed Sayed Zanary

5. Ahmed Abu Bakr Khalif

6. Mohammed Marae

7. Hany Al-Mogy

8. Ahmed Samir Fayed

9. Hamdy Abdel Fattah Majid

10. Ahmed Mohamed Farag

11. Mahmoud Abdel-Aziz

Led by officer Ahmed Sayyad, of the Investigative Division of the Munufeya Police, police officers and intelligence agents tortured, insulted and beat the students using handcuffs. Mohamed Hamdi Marae and Hamdi Abdul Fattah Majid suffered various injuries including: bruising to the facial area, lower back and hands. According to sources, each and every victim was restrained while officers sodomized them using their hands.

On Wednesday morning 31/03/2010, the students appeared in front of Munufeya’s State Security Prosecutors, showing clear signs of torture. They told the Prosecutor that they were sexually abused and tortured under the supervision of officer Ahmed Sayyad. Their lawyer then requested that their medical examination be signed. The students denied charges against them, which included “affiliation to a group founded on principles contrary to the Constitution and domestic law” and “publishing the group’s ideas within the university”.

The victims requested an investigation against officer Ahmed Sayyad, confirming in their statement the severity of his previous actions. These statements are the official documents of the prosecution under No. 2235 and No. 2237/2010 of Munufeya’s criminal division.

Despite all this, Munufeya’s Prosecutor issued an order for 15 days imprisonment pending investigation and referral to the Medical Forensic to establish whether or not they were beaten and sexually abused while under the supervision of officer Ahmed Sayyad.

Alkarama has appealed to the Egyptian authorities put an end to the continued and systematic use of repression in the form of arbitrary arrests and torture. It has called for an independent investigation into officer Ahmed Sayyad’s actions and those responsible for the torture of the Munufi students. Alkarama intends to submit their cases to the relevant United Nations human right special procedures in due course