Egypt: 14 MB Leaders Including 2 MPs Detained in Menofyya

Egypt: 14 MB Leaders Including 2 MPs Detained in Menofyya


The Egyptian security forces raided the governorate of Menofyya, north of Cairo, on Sunday afternoon and arrested 13 Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders in a nonstop crackdown against the biggest opposition group in the country.

Sunday”s raid has a new twist as it included arresting two parliamentarians in a flagrant and continuous violation of laws and constitution.

The security forces raided the house of the political researcher, engineer: Fathi Shehabuddin and arrested 13 Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Monofiya including the governorate”s administrative bureau chief, Abul Fattouh Afifi and other members of the bureau.

The detainees include:

Engineer Sabri Amer, member of the People”s Assembly

Rajab Abu Zeid member of the People”s Assembly

Nagib Al-Zareef, engineer

Dr. Ashour Al-Halawani

Dr. Mohamed Ayyad, a professor at the Faculty of Engineering- Shibin Al Kawm

Ashour Ghanem, an instructor at the Ministry of Education

Ahmed Al Hefnawi, engineer

Mahmoud Abdullah, engineer

Mohamed Al Bahr, engineer

Sami Al-Shaweesh, teacher

The security forces ransacked the houses of the detainees, including the MPs”, who were moved along with other detainees to the State Security Police headquarters .

The security forces also seized large sums of money that belong to Dr. Ashour Al-Halawani while these forces were searching his house; they also arrested Abd Al-Rahman, son of Nagib Al-Zareef, while they were searching his house .

For his part, Dr. Mohamed Habib, the first deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, denounced in the Egyptian government”s suppressive measures.

He added in a statement to Ikhwanweb that these measures only add fuel to fire and snowball the current state of tension.

It is worth mentioning that these detentions are part of a months long crackdown against the group; this crackdown included sweeps of arrests, media campaigns, referring MB leaders to military tribunals and freezing their assets, to arrest even Members of Parliament giving a blind eye to their positions.

Habib pointed out that this campaign is carried out shortly after passing the notorious constitutional amendments that erode public freedoms and violate personal freedoms of citizens.

The MB leader confirmed that these campaigns aim at sidelining the role of the Muslim Brotherhood group, the biggest opposition group in the street and parliament, warning that this may lead to havoc and chaos the general political landscape in Egypt.